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BPC-10 circuit-breakers are designed to be used in indoor switchgears series KU10S of High-Voltage Union production and switchgears of other manufacturers.


  • Rated voltage (kV): 10
  • Rated current (A): 630-4000
  • Rated breaking capacity (kA): 20, 31.5, 40
  • Peak withstand current (kA): 52, 80, 102
  • Mechanical lifetime: up to 100000 CO cycles
  • Electrical lifetime: up to 30000 CO cycles
  • Electrical lifetime at rated breaking current: up to 100 O cycles


Circuit-breakers consist of the following parts: auxiliary position contacts of the circuit-breaker and flag indicator, switching block, condenser discharging tumbler switch, control PCB, electromagnet, condenser, manually-operated switching-off device, meter, three poles, interlocking mechanism, shaft, frame and row of terminals.

Each circuit-breaker pole consists of an insulating tie-rode with a pressing spring mechanism, a flexible or sliding connection, upper and lower terminals, a vacuum interrupter and an insulating housing. Vacuum interrupters are filled with cast epoxy compound, which safely protects them from mechanical and electrical damage. The poles of circuit-breakers rated for 2500 A and 3150 A currents are fitted with a cooling radiator.

Description Product Name Number of Version Файл
Вакуумный выключатель 6-10 кВ серия ВРС Редакция 9 pdf, 938.1 Кб
Description Product Name Файл
Общий каталог продукции Вакуумные выключатели, комплектные распределительные устройства, комплектные трансформаторные подстанции, автоматический пункт секционирования 110 кВ, разъединители pdf, 12.7 Мб
Compliance Certificates (Declarations)
Product Name Description Issued to Duration Файл
ВРС-10 Декларация о соответствии НТЭАЗ Электрик 11.01.2018 pdf, 624.1 Кб
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