The mainNewsNTEAZ Electric took part in the celebration of the 80th anniversary of Sverdlovsk Oblast
02 April 2014

NTEAZ Electric took part in the celebration of the 80th anniversary of Sverdlovsk Oblast

March 28 2014, the birthday of Sverdlovsk Oblast was celebrated in the City Hall of Nizhnyaya Tura, the employees of NTEAZ Electric were invited to the celebration.

On January 17, Sverdlovsk Oblast has turned 80 years old. It was formed back in 1934 under the decree of Presidium of All-Russian Central Executive Committee concerning the division of Ural Oblast of the Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic into three separate regions: Sverdlovsk Oblast, Chelyabinsk Oblast and Tyumen Oblast. In four years Perm Region (Krai) was separated out of its structure. In tsarist times, the region was part of the Siberian Province, and later of Zauralska (Trans-Ural) Oblast of Perm Province of Russian Empire.

On February 27, 2013, before the birthday, the decree of the Governor of Sverdlovsk Oblast «On the Celebration of the 80th Anniversary of the Sverdlovsk Oblast» was issued providing for the celebrations in the cities of the region during 2014.

Sverdlovsk Oblast is primarily known for its production capacities. It stands to reason that it is called "Supporting Land of the Nation". NTEAZ Electric as a part of High-Voltage Union Concern made its contribution to production in the oblast. Nizhneturinsky Electrohardware Plant is a specialized electrotechnical company with the 50-year history and traditions. The plant is well known in Russia and abroad as a manufacturer of wide range of switching and distribution equipment of 6-110 kV.

On March 28 2014, the City Hall of Nizhnyaya Tura hosted the celebration of the 80th anniversary of Sverdlovsk Oblast involving the representatives of municipal and industrial enterprises of Nizhnyaya Tura Municipal District, including NTEAZ Electric.

The event was attended by Denis V. Pasler, Chairman of the Government of Sverdlovsk Oblast, Vladimir I. Ovchinnikov, Administrative Executive of the Northern Administrative District, Larisa V. Cucina, Head of Nizhnyaya Tura Municipal District.

The celebration involved congratulations, shows of performance groups. And the certificates were awarded to the professionals of culture and physical education.

NTEAZ Electric would like to congratulate Sverdlovsk Oblast with its 80th anniversary and to thank the government of Sverdlovsk Oblast for the celebration.