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Post-Warranty Service

Upon expiration of the warranty period, the Concern offers its customers a range of post-warranty services on a contractual basis. Within the post-warranty service, specialists of the Department of Technical Supervision and Service (UTNiS) perform diagnostics of the equipment condition.

Based on the diagnostics results, a decision about necessary repairs and adjustment of the equipment is taken. This is followed by:

  • making of a list of defects for replaceable parts
  • production and delivery of necessary parts
  • adjustment and repairs works
  • restoring of spare parts and accessories
  • restoring of worn-out equipment documents

Based on the results of performed works, the Concern together with its customer makes a decision about extension of the warrantee period (from 6 months to 4 years).

For example, the list of works related to switchgears with vacuum circuit-breakersincludes check-up of all components of the apparatus:

  • check-up of operation of the switching apparatus and relay protection, controls and alarm equipment
  • reliability check-up of withdrawable units fixation and interchangeability
  • testing of all mechanical and electromagnetic locking operation
  • main circuits resistance testing
  • resistance measurement and check-up of earthing switch insertion force
  • check-up of availability and completeness of spare parts and accessories and documents