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Additional Services

In addition to installation supervision, warranty and post-warranty services, the Concern provides such additional services as: delivery of spare parts for a specific volume of works or under a specific order; analysis and assessment of causes of accidents and failures in 10(6) kV networks; improving of 0.4 and 10(6) kV networks reliability.

If necessary, the UTNiS (Department of Technical Supervision and Service) specialists involve in works the employees of research and design organizations.

The (indicative) list of spare parts is the following:


Consolidated list of spare parts of NTEAZ Electric OJSC    Russian – 0,16 MB – pdf


Spare Parts and Accessories Sales Department

Department Head

Troshin Aleksandr Anatolievich
Tel./fax: +7(965) 511-93-61


Department specialists

Filisteeva Gayane Vladimirovna
Tel./fax: +7(965) 511-94-69

Smirnova Elena Igorevna
Tel./fax: +7(965) 511-93-70