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31 July 2013

Presentation of a new mining switchgear type KU-10S RN

On 29 July, the High-Voltage Union Concern's manufacturing facility – NTEAZ-Electric LLC (Nizhnyaya Tura) – held the presentation of a new mining switchgear type KU-10S RN. The presentation was organized specially for the representatives of Uralkali JSC, the largest Russian company producing potassium fertilizers.

There is no surprise that KU-10S RN switchgears provoke the interest of mining specialists, since the KU-10S RN mining switchgear satisfies the customer's main requirements to the new generation cubicles, namely:

  • complete compliance with the regulatory documents of Gosgortechnadzor of Russia
  • decreased overall dimensions: width of cubicle not more than 750 mm, height – 1900 mm, which is caused by peculiarities of modern mining
  • motor drive installed to move the withdrawable unit and to switch the earthing device
  • necessary locking mechanisms ensuring the safety of operating personnel
  • the cubicle enclosure is made of steel sheets with aluminium-zinc alloy coating and fixed with bolts and rivets, which prolongs the cubicle service life in mines

High-Voltage Union Concern has a 9-year experience in manufacturing standard mining switchgears. The new series of KU-10S RN switchgears developed by the designers of High-Voltage Union Concern in 2012 is designed to replace the old-type switchgears in its product range.

The “New Standard Mining Switchgear KU-10S RN” speech was presented by S.I. Buriakov, Deputy Commercial Director for Engineering of High-Voltage Union Concern.

High-Voltage Union Concern and Uralkali JSC started their cooperation in 2006. Since then, about 200 switchgears series 3KVE-10RN were delivered within the framework of the said agreement. The guests say that since their first visit to NTEAZ-Electric the plant has been significantly upgraded: modern equipment is installed, new manufacturing sections are launched, and the range of products is broadened.

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