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17 April 2013

Cooperation of High-Voltage Union and Bashkirenergo LLC continues

In early April, the engineering supervisors of High-Voltage Union CJSC put into operation the second BPC-110 vacuum circuit-breaker rated for 110 kV voltage at 110/6 kV transformer substation «ELOU». It should be noted that this is already the second BPC-110 at the facility of Aksakovskie RES (power distribution networks), branch of Bashkirenergo LLC (Republic of Bashkortostan); the first one was installed at the customer's facility by the service department specialists of High-Voltage Union this January.Installation BPC-110 vacuum circuit-breakers

The conclusion of the contract on delivery of two BPC-110 vacuum circuit-breakers is a result of the presentation of new equipment given by High-Voltage Union specialists to the Bashkortostan delegation last October. The presentation was held at the Concern's manufacturing facilities in Nizhnyaya Tura, namely NTEAZ-Electric (Nizhnyaya Tura, Russia).

Modern BPC-110 vacuum circuit-breakers feature the following advantages:

  • the extensive electrical lifetime (BPC-110 is designed for 10 000 CO cycles, which is twice as much as the performance of VMT oil circuit-breakers)
  • the minimum operation cost (BPC-110 needs only rare lubrication and examination)
  • the long service life (BPC-110 vacuum circuit-breaker has a 25-year service life)

Another important feature of the BPC-110 (as well as of all vacuum circuit-breakers) is a wide temperature range: SF6-insulated and oil circuit-breakers need to be heated during heavy frost, while vacuum circuit-breakers work without heating even at the temperature minus 60° C. And the essential point is that vacuum circuit-breakers, BPC-110 as well, do not pollute the environment.

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