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BP6K circuit-breakers are mainly used for replacement of VEM-6 electromagnetic circuit-breakers in K-X and K-XXV switchgears as well as circuit-breakers in KEE-6 switchgears at thermal and nuclear power plants.

Vacuum circuit-breakers series BP are ideally suitable for switching and protection operations in MV grids. Circuit-breakers series BP are used for switching loads of any types at rated currents of up to 3150 A and breaking currents of up to 40 kA. Circuit-breakers series BP are designed on the basis of the unified design concept, namely: using cast epoxy compound poles; using the versatile electromagnetic drive, which acts as a magnetic latch and is controlled by an electronic block housed in the circuit-breaker frame.


  • Rated voltage (kV): 6
  • Rated current (A): 1600, 2000, 3150
  • Rated breaking capacity (kA): 40
  • Peak withstand current (kA): 128
  • Mechanical lifetime: 30000 CO cycles
  • Electrical lifetime: 30000 CO cycles
  • Electrical lifetime at rated breaking current: up to 50 O cycles


All circuit-breakers series BP type BP6K consist of three poles with vacuum interrupters filled with cast epoxy compound and mounted on the circuit-breaker frame. The circuit-breaker electromagnetic drive fixing circuit-breakers in C and O positions on magnetic latches is housed in the circuit-breaker frame. The BP6K shaft is connected via insulating tie-rods with vacuum interrupters and when turning, it controls circuit-breaker position contacts for external auxiliary circuits. Plate-type pressing springs are installed in insulating tie-rod bushings.


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