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Single-pole circuit-breakers series BP27NS are used as component parts for blocks of complete switchgears series KRP(B)-27,5 in traction substations, switching stations and points of parallel connection of railroad sections contact line as well as for extension of existing substations and replacement of outdated air and oil circuit-breakers at them.


  • Rated voltage (kV): 27.5
  • Rated current (A): 1600
  • Rated breaking capacity (kA): 25
  • Peak withstand current (kA): 64
  • Mechanical lifetime: 30000 CO cycles
  • Electrical lifetime at rated currents: 30000 CO cycles
  • Electrical lifetime at rated breaking currents: 30 O cycles


Circuit-breakers series BP27NS consist of four main parts, namely:

  • a frame housing an electromagnet
  • a cubicle housing control PCBs and a manual switch-off mechanism
  • a supporting frame with four mounting holes
  • a pole consisting of insulating envelopes with organosilicon insulation and a vacuum interrupter

External finning and internal insulation of poles are solid-cast, including the vacuum interrupter casting. The creepage distance of external insulation is increased up to the III pollution level.


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Общий каталог продукции Вакуумные выключатели, комплектные распределительные устройства, комплектные трансформаторные подстанции, автоматический пункт секционирования 110 кВ, разъединители pdf, 6.8 Мб
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