The mainProductsModular transformer substations110, 220 kV Gas-Insulated Transformer Substations type KTPER110, 220 kV Gas-Insulated Substations type KTPER

110, 220 kV Gas-Insulated Substations type KTPER

Gas-insulated transformer substations are created on the basis of KRUE— modular SF6-insulated switchgears. KRUE are sealedtank-type structures with high-voltage and auxiliary equipment installed inside. Modern gas-insulated switchgears are compact, reliable and needminimum maintenance. The obvious advantage of KRUE is the resistance to external pollution and climatic factors, long lifetime of insulation and mechanical parts.

Since 2008, High-Voltage Union has been serially manufacturing gas-insulated transformer substations (KTPER) rated for 110/10(6) kV and 110/35/10(6) kV with transformers of 2.5-63 MVA and transformer substations of 220/35/10(6) kV and 220/110/10(6) kV with transformers of 25-125 MVA capacity.

KTPERs are intended for power supply of industrial and municipal facilities. On the HV-side of KTPER compact gas-filled switchgears type KRUE are used, with 800 mm width at 110 kV and with step of 1500 mm at 220 kV. This allows realizing the scheme of substations of 110 and 220 kV on limited sites.

KTPER does not make noise, and by this criterion it is recommended to be used within the boundaries of settlements.

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Комплектные газоизолированные трансформаторные подстанции КТПЭР 110-220 кВ Редакция 2 pdf, 1.4 Мб
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Общий каталог продукции Вакуумные выключатели, комплектные распределительные устройства, комплектные трансформаторные подстанции, автоматический пункт секционирования 110 кВ, разъединители pdf, 6.8 Мб
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