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The cubicle structure has the following features:

  • possibility of rear cable inlet: from bottom or top, sideway, left or right, according to the main connections diagram
  • withdrawable element can be moved between fixed positions both manually and by means of the motor
  • each compartment has its separate channel to discharge combustion products of a short-circuit in an unattended zone above the cubicle
  • possibility to install up to three current transformers
  • visual control of earthing knifes’ positions from the front of the cubicle at the open doors
  • control device of the power cables insulation resistance

Structure elements of the cubicle frame are made of steel sheets with aluminium-zinc alloy coating and fixed with bolts and steel rivets.

These switchgears are available in rear and front access design.

Switching Apparatus

Switchgears series KU-10S PH are equipped with BPC-10 vacuum circuit-breakers with cast epoxy poles. Circuit-breakers are designed for rated currents of up to 1600 A and rated breaking currents of up to 31.5 kA.

Description Product Name Number of Version Файл
Устройство комплектное распределительное 10 (6) кВ рудничного нормального исполнения КУ-10С РН Редакция 2 pdf, 599.9 Кб
Description Product Name Файл
Общий каталог продукции Вакуумные выключатели, комплектные распределительные устройства, комплектные трансформаторные подстанции, автоматический пункт секционирования 110 кВ, разъединители pdf, 6.8 Мб
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